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In a poignant allegory for the present times, a Russian criminal attempts to exploit his

compromised victim in a game of cyber cat and mouse that takes everyone to the edge of destruction.

Ray Chinda (OC Ukeje), a world-famous movie star at the top of his career receives a mystery email threatening to release a compromising sex tape and demanding a huge ransom be paid in 24 hours or...!


Angry and scared in equal measure, Chinda knows it's a hoax, but can’t ignore it and risk being shamed and disgraced in the eyes of his wife (Julia Holden) and his family, then getting canceled by his adoring global fans.


With paying up no longer an option and warned-off involving the cops, he has nowhere left to turn.  So he decides to play the situation as if it was from one of his movies... and foolishly goes after the gang behind the scam.


Operating from London behind layers of VPN encryptions, Mighty Igor (Nicolay Shulik) and his enslaved assistants surf the tip of a ruthless Russian criminal dark web iceberg; lurking to sink innocent unsuspecting victims.


With the clock ticking, Chinda blunders his way through a game of cyber cat and mouse that ultimately forces him to put everything he loves on the line. With his back against the wall, Chinda must close ranks with the most unlikely of allies and confront Mighty Igor; at a very dangerous time- just as his criminal empire is beginning to unravel from the inside.


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The Countdown Has Begun...

The countdown has finally begun to the hotly anticipated UK cinema release of BLACKMAIL, the edge-of-the-seat cyber-thriller; starring Nollywood favorite O.C. Ukeje (Half of a Yellow Sun, Gone Too Far), and exciting new Russian screen sensation Nicolay Shulik.


Written, produced & directed by multi award-winning filmmaker Obi Emelonye, and introducing exciting British newcomers Alessandro Babalola (Top Boy, Wrath of Man) and Julia Holden, the UK release and subsequent Nigerian cinema and impending US online release promises to take Black British independent cinema to a new level.


BlackMail is a poignant allegory for the present times, which sees a ruthless Russian criminal attempt to exploit a compromised victim in a game of cyber cat and mouse that takes everyone to the edge of destruction in a sharply observed fast-paced cyber-thriller.


Official selection in a slew of top North American film festivals, the winner of the 2021 Best Film Award at the African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) and voted Best Film at the British Urban Film Festival (BUFF) (2021), BlackMail is a sly, provocative movie set to create a buzz for Black British cinema ahead of its UK cinema release.


After significant growth over the last decade, the once dormant Black British film sector has once again begun to make an impact in mainstream cinema led by an exciting and ambitious cohort of African heritage British talent spurred on by a growing army of eager fans across the UK and worldwide.


In a historic first for independent Black British cinema, BlackMail will receive a UK-wide theatrical release on Cineworld and Odeon cinema screens, making it the biggest ever release by an independently produced and distributed Black British film. 

With international theatrical releases scheduled for Nigeria and a North America acquisition deal in negotiation with billionaire media mogul Byron Allen’s Freestyle Releasing, it is anticipated the film will further elevate and redefine New Nollywood cinema and create a much hoped for success that will further help the genre ‘crossover.’


BlackMail is produced by TNF Studio and released in the UK in association with leading Black British distributor Evrit Films and marketed by Screen Nation Media and Spotlight Management

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